hale»studio and wetransform: Innovation at its best

hale»studio helps you and over 5.000 other users enhance your data's quality and richness, reduce costs and risks, and maximise the value of your data to external users.

In this section, we'll provide an overview of what wetransform and our partners have done and are currently doing with hale»studio and its surrounding technology.

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FutureForest logo
Future Forest
Future Forest is our forestry AI project where we....
Logo of the Environmental Data Spaces Community (EDSC)
Environmental Data Spaces Community
wetransform established the Environmental Data Spaces Community in order to foster...
Logo of the Forest Data Space. Below it are the four logos of partners wetransform, FU Berlin, TU Munich, and M.O.S.S.
Forest Data Space
The Forest Data Space is an early example of a working data space, in which we can apply methods such as probablistic multi-criteria decision-making in order to improve the overall health of Germany's forests.

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