XPlanung - Planning and Zoning for Germany

XPlanung is a German spatial planning data standard that aims to use a single format and information model for all spatial planning.

This will enable an easy exchange of planning data between planning authorities, engineers, and the public.

Implementation of the XPlanung standard is still in its early stages. With many plans in Germany still in the analogue age, adopting a universal digital standard can be a lot of work.

Thankfully, wetransform is at the forefront of this innovation and hale»connect can ease all of your XPlanung woes.

wetransform - An XPerienced Partner

Over 40.000 XPlanung data sets have already been processed and published through wetransform's hale»connect platform! This gives us the expert knowledge and technical capability that enables you to fulfil your obligations.

Services and Consulting

wetransform offers support across all aspects of geospatial data transformation and publishing.

For example, did you know that with an XPlanung implementation, compliance to other standards such as the INSPIRE directive is nearly automatic?

Reach out to us to learn more about how our solutions can help you!

Ownership and Communication

We provide:

  • Support
  • Consulting
  • Full-service solutions
  • Training and workshops
  • Software development, installation, and configuration for hale»studio and hale»connect

Our areas of expertise cover:

  • Data transformation and data migration
  • Data publishing and network services
  • Data models and data-driven modelling
  • Software development
  • Implementing and operating IT platforms (remote and on-premise)
  • hale»studio: the open-source software for data transformation
  • hale»connect: the data migration platform
  • General consulting on Spatial Data Infrastructures, as well as data harmonisation methods and tools

For more in-depth information surrounding XPlanung,
check out our German XPlanung page!

When it comes to XPlanung, wetransform is in the zone. From data transformation and publication to support, our tools and expertise will set you up for success!

Our consulting services allow institutions of any size, as well as IT partners serving multiple organisations, to implement XPlanung without extra capacity or unforeseen costs.


Schedule a 30-minute call and we will be happy to dive into your use case and provide you with the best course of action.