New Release: hale»studio 5.1.0!

New Release: hale»studio 5.1.0!

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Another update has been released for our open source ETL Tool hale»studio!

The hale»studio 5.1.0 release includes several new features as well as fixes for issues of the previous release. These include:


  • Better Excel Support: You can now work with multiple sheets in Excel files all at once, making it easier to manage your data.
  • Efficient Exporting: Exporting multiple types of features to Excel/CSV is now simpler and faster.
  • Flexible Data Handling: Load Excel files with blank rows and sheets effortlessly, streamlining your workflow.
  • Enhanced Date Formatting: Choose from predefined or custom formats for Date cells during Excel import, giving you more control over your data.
  • Expanded Export Options: Even if your feature types have no data, you can still export them to Excel for future reference.
  • Consistent Experience: The Excel functionality now aligns seamlessly with our CSV export wizard, providing a unified experience across formats.
  • GeoJSON Geometry: We now prioritize properties with short paths as GeoJSON geometry property for easier access.
  • User Control: Added a wizard page to select the read mode for GeoJSON/JSON files, enhancing user control.
  • Expanded JSON data import: Support for importing data from JSON files, enhancing the versatility of data import options.
  • Schema Loading: Support extracting from JSON schema, providing users with greater flexibility in handling JSON data structures
  • Flexible Configuration: Configuration options for decimal places in JSON data provide greater flexibility.
  • Shapefile Export: Improve the export to Shapefiles including feature types with no geometry
  • Map Update: We've upgraded the default map to OpenStreetMap, enhancing visualization capabilities for improved user experience and data interpretation.
  • Groovy Compatibility: Expanded Groovy restriction whitelist to include Boolean and Java Pattern class for increased compatibility.
  • Enhanced Precision: Support up to 20 decimal places for source data geometries, ensuring heightened precision and accuracy in the exported data. This enhancement addresses the demand for meticulous spatial data representation, empowering users with more precise and reliable results.
  • Join functions: Enhance Join functions with optional "inner join" behavior, ensuring that a result is generated only when all join conditions are satisfied.
  • Update INSPIRE schemas: Update offline versions of INSPIRE schemas to 2024.1.2.


  • GeoTools Update: We've upgraded GeoTools to version 29.1, bringing you improved functionality.
  • Dependency Update: We've updated dependencies in hale-platform to resolve security issues, ensuring your system remains secure.
  • Windows Installer Fix: We've addressed a bug in the Windows installer, improving the installation experience on Windows systems.
  • Offline resource bundles: Update offline resource bundles to use bundles generated from the offline-resource repository instead of those generated by hale-platform.

Bug fixes

  • Improved Functionality: We've fixed issues with the Excel reader not recognizing empty rows, ensuring smoother data processing.
  • Data Export Fixes: Addressed problems with exporting transformed data, preventing attribute value shifts in Shapefiles.
  • Shapefile Writer Fixes: Resolved issues with Shapefile writer recognizing geometries for feature types accurately.
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed various project settings and warnings, including UI extension definitions in the build process.
  • TopoJSON Encoding: Fixed TopoJSON encoding for reliable data representation.
  • Performance Improvements: Fixed potential endless loop when skipping instances in paginated WFS requests, improving performance.
  • Export Fixes: Resolved issues with exporting HSD schemas for schemas with no namespace.
  • Configuration Fixes: Fixed broken feature type selection on custom export configuration.
  • WFS Support: Added support for downloading WFS files to the temporary folder for bucket service.
  • Index-based Merge: Index-based Merge Now Handles Cases without a Merge Key.
  • Increased Efficiency of Index-based Join and Merge Implementations: Addressed an issue preventing the utilization of more efficient index-based Join and Merge implementations.

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