Transforming Data for Good

Together we can build a sustainable, data-driven world.
At wetransform, we make software that is incredibly good at harmonising and transforming data sets into high-value resources.

About Us

We simplify complex aspects of the work of our customers through creative solutions

Through our expertise, we help drive the success of the green data community through the adoption of new standards such as the European INSPIRE directive and Germany’s XPlanung.

The European Green Deal Data Space will make environmental data accessible, usable, and useful.

It allows data providers to maintain data sovereignty and to protect sensitive data, while unlocking data access for thousands of applications that will help make society more sustainable.

So how could we do anything other than help build it?

Data is valuable. The better and cleaner the data, the more valuable it is.
With our expertise and software, we create interoperable data that can save the world.

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Everyone at wetransform is intent on making our customer’s data truly interoperable and more valuable.

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    Headquartered in Darmstadt, but spread across Europe, our team has grown significantly since its beginnings as a Fraunhofer Spin-off in 2014.

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