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INSPIRE is vitally important to both the future green data ecosystem and to keep the ecosystems all around us green in the future. However, implementing the directive is often complicated.

To implement all 7 steps to INSPIRE can mean a substantial workload. Many unforeseen costs and hurdles lie in wait for the unprepared:

  • Documentation is often absent, outdated, or otherwise lacking
  • Data sets may have had only limited quality assurance and have errors in positional accuracy CRS, consistency, completeness, and topology
  • Semantics can be poorly or inconsistently defined
  • Metadata is often outdated and sometimes incorrect
  • The people with the requisite expertise are busy or have moved on

That’s where we come in.

At wetransform, we have supported more than 1.200 organisations since 2014 to fulfil their INSPIRE obligations, fast and risk-free. This gives us the expert knowledge and technical capability that enables you to fulfil your obligations.

We provide continuous support, a wealth of know-how, and the best tools on the market

Our consulting services allow INSPIRE data providers of any size, as well as IT partners serving multiple organisations, to achieve 100% INSPIRE compliance without extra capacity or unforeseen costs. Schedule a 30-minute call and let the experts INSPIRE you!

    The Fast Track to INSPIRE

    We enable you to fulfil your INSPIRE obligations, fast, with no risks, and at very efficient rates. We provide data analysis, data transformation, data publishing as view and download services, metadata generation and validation, process and project methodology.

    INSPIRE Compliance

    Services, metadata, and data sets need to fulfil INSPIRE specifications.
    We take these worries away and provide:

    • Guaranteed provisioning of compliant services
    • Fulfilment of the INSPIRE Quality Requirements for Network Services (99% availability, 5s maximum response time, minimum throughput, 10 requests/second)
    • Fully interoperable data according to the INSPIRE directive

    Data Analysis and Transformation

    Data quality is a top priority for INSPIRE.
    Whether you have a large database, national standard XML, or shapefiles as a source, we will provide:

    • Analysis of source data quality
    • Transformation of source data to INSPIRE with hale»studio (you receive the transformation project for your use)
    • Validation of transformed data against the schema and the INSPIRE validator

    Data Publishing

    Data publishing usually requires dedicated IT resources, lots of configuration effort, and advanced management to scale and to meet compliance requirements.
    We use our cloud platform to publish your services, ensuring:

    • Fast and efficient provisioning on
    • Publication of INSPIRE view and download services, including generation of required metadata
    • Hosting and operation of these services including fulfilment of INSPIRE SLA for 12 months; compliance to ISO 27001/BSI Grundschutz, hosting in Germany


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      Services and Consulting

      In addition to our full-service “fast track” solution, wetransform offers support across all aspects of the INSPIRE directive.

      Ownership and Communication

      We provide:

      Our areas of expertise cover:

      • Data transformation and data migration
      • Data publishing and network services
      • Data models and data-driven modelling
      • Software development
      • Implementing and operating IT platforms (remote and on-premise)
      • (hale»studio: the open-source software for data transformation)
      • (hale»connect: the data migration platform)
      • General consulting on Spatial Data Infrastructures and INSPIRE, data harmonisation methods, and tools

      The INSPIRE Document Library alone contains over 100.000 pages of reading material. Talk to the people who have already done the reading required to guide you.