Publish fully INSPIRE compliant data with hale»connect

There are so many things to keep in mind to achieve 100% compliance – metadata, data interoperability, and getting network services up and running. This can easily take hundreds of hours and requires expert knowledge.

Unless you’re working with hale»connect.

With the help of automated workflows, tasks that used to take hours or even days can be cut down to mere minutes. After creating the initial data transformation, hale»connect handles everything required to publish INSPIRE compliant data in just a few clicks.

It cuts down the complex task of publishing datasets as services, coupled with metadata, into a single user-friendly automated workflow.

hale»connect allows INSPIRE data providers to:

  • achieve 100% compliance with INSPIRE requirements for interoperable data and metadata
  • ensure full compliance with the INSPIRE Quality of Service requirements
  • eliminate manual work taken up by complicated repetitive processes
  • document and discuss each transformation project, aligning stakeholders to come to faster and better agreements
  • share transformation projects and data models across organisational boundaries
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Stop wasting time and effort. Design, transform, publish, and validate your data on a single platform

    hale»connect features

    hale»connect is a Software-as-a-Service tool for agile design and implementation of shared specifications such as INSPIRE.
    Shared specifications describe APIs and data structures that have multiple stakeholders and that are typically implemented many times. hale»connect supports an agile, data-driven approach to the design and implementation of such shared specifications through the following features:

    Integrated, Fully Automated Workflows

    Workflow automation makes formerly complex processes required to transform and publish data easy to manage. hale»connect introduces a streamlined approach that not only saves time and effort, but also significantly reduces the risk of human error.

    Built on Open Standards

    You can create and publish reports, data, and services for more than 5.000 Open Standards schemas with just a few clicks. Pick elements from these to quickly leverage reference models like INSPIRE, ALKIS, XPlanGML, SOSI, eCH, WFD, FFH, Natura2000, CDDA, and ArcGIS.

    Publish Easily

    Data in files is often not enough, so hale»connect provides different types of APIs and services such as OGC Web Feature Services, which allow you to publish network services with just a few clicks.

    Automatically Generate Metadata

    hale»connect automatically generates the required metadata from the data, the user, and the organisation’s information. The generated metadata for services and datasets is made accessible through various interfaces, such as an integrated CSW (Catalogue Service Web), to facilitate easy integration with existing spatial data infrastructures.

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    Creating transformation projects: hale»studio

    Where hale»connect enables effective teamwork and easy publishing, hale»studio is the best ETL tool to author data transformation projects for INSPIRE.

    hale»studio projects can be uploaded to hale»connect and used within automated workflows to transform and publish data.

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