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At wetransform, we have implemented more than a thousand data harmonisation projects for more than 90 customers. Most of these projects focused on spatial and environmental data that needs to be published in compliance with open standards.

We have become experts at implementing all aspects of the INSPIRE directive – from data transformation over metadata to network service publishing and operations.

Our Expertise

We can provide a complete end-to-end service or enable you to do the work yourself

  • 1 Data transformation and data migration
  • 2 Data publishing and network services operation
  • 3 Data models and data-driven modelling
  • 4 User support for hale»studio and hale»connect (incl. hale»studio pro)
  • 5 Consulting on Spatial Data Infrastructures and INSPIRE

Data Transformation & Data Migration: Making data interoperable

We regularly develop hale»studio transformation projects for a variety of use cases, such as database-to-database migration, INSPIRE implementation or general data harmonisation. Thanks to our expertise, we are fast and highly effective.

As part of data transformation projects, we also conduct risk and mismatch analyses of data migration projects, so that you can be certain your data is harmonised without quality issues. We also perform reviews of your transformation projects and certify these.

NAS to INSPIRE Transformation for the AdV Deutschland

The AdV is the organisation in which the 16 state cadastral and mapping agencies of Germany cooperate. This group has developed their own standard for national geospatial data called GeoInfoDok, with a GML-based encoding called NAS.
Since 2015, wetransform has developed more than 20 projects that map to more than 15 INSPIRE themes for this project. This was complex due to the number of stakeholders involved, but also due to a large variance in source data and in the complexity of the source data model.

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