Onwards with hale»studio

hale»studio is your gateway to spatial data interoperability.

Interoperability enhances your data's quality and richness, reduces costs and risks, and maximises the value of your data to external users.

hale»studio has over 5.000 active users, including the European Environment Agency, the environmental agencies of Austria and Denmark , and Eurostat.

In this section, you'll discover further resources to help you enrich your data sets, as well as receive a view at the wider applications of hale»studio and our related projects.

For example, if you're in need of help, why not post on our forums?

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How to use hale»studio Help

hale»studio Help is available both online and in your version of hale»studio.

It functions as a user manual, including references to both the use of the software and the surrounding concepts.

This way it covers both your First Steps in hale»studio and questions like “What is a Schema?”.

In some help-topics, live actions are provided. These allow you to directly perform a specific task in your currently running version of hale»studio.

hale»studio help

Workshops, Courses, and Training Sessions

Many environmental and geospatial data harmonisation tasks require a mix of expert knowledge and hands-on technical know-how.

wetransform offers a variety of classes to tackle these educational issues in a way that is efficient and makes sense.

Our subjects range from the basics of geospatial data standards (e.g., INSPIRE, XPlanung) to hands-on training in the use of hale»studio and hale»connect.