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Green Deal Data Space

Over 1.300 organisations trust wetransform to transform and publish over 140.000 network services, making us responsible for the highest number of INSPIRE datasets.

Now it is time for the next step: Sovereign Data Sharing in the Green Deal Data Space.

By contributing to data spaces, you can:

  • Contribute to creating large pools of useable data
  • Use sensitive data in a clear legal and technical environment
  • Avoid lock-in to monolithic platforms, seize the sovereignty opportunity!

Because data spaces can be complex, we make it easy …:

  • …to contribute existing harmonised INSPIRE data sets to data spaces
  • …to onboard non-harmonised data into a data space
  • …to create data sharing agreements
  • …to automate creation of the metadata for assets and endpoints
  • …to use central infrastructure (e.g. Identity Provider, Broker, Clearinghouse) if required
  • …to define vocabularies based on existing Re3gistry
  • …to access data using well-known APIs such as OGC API Features

We will make it easy to leverage your existing SDI and INSPIRE work to get to Data Space, fast and cost-effective.

You provide the datasets, we’ll operate the infrastructure!

Your Guide to the Environmental Data Galaxy

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Data spaces are the next step in improved green data sharing.

These secure data exchanges give data providers unprecedented control over who gets to access their assets through automated processes, eliminating the need for constant active monitoring and management.

Leveraging open standards, such as INSPIRE, also means that researchers and others with a legitimate need for data gain access to more harmonised data than ever before. With data cleaning alone currently taking up around 80% of an average project’s time, the scientific implications of that alone are staggering.

In short, by joining the environmental data space with wetransform you will:

  • Maintain full data sovereignty
  • Boost green innovation
  • Generate more value through your existing assets

Projects like this typically require significant capacity building, investment in software development, and changes to internal data production processes. Not to mention a large amount of expert knowledge.

wetransform has already done all of this work for you.

Through us, data providers can join the data space easily. We operate the infrastructure, transform and validate the data and metadata, and provide services through fully automated workflows.

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