Easy publishing and reliable monitoring for INSPIRE

Easy publishing and reliable monitoring for INSPIRE

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Together, Spatineo and wetransform provide integrated publishing and monitoring of spatial data through web services.

Spatineo is well known in the community to provide monitoring and analytics for spatial web services. Wetransform is mostly known for data transformation and publishing solutions for spatial data providers. Wetransform’s INSPIRE GIS platform is an easy to use solution that makes it effortless to publish, manage and update geospatial data. Keeping this data to a high standard is crucial, since INSPIRE mandates minimum uptime and defines reporting requirements. Spatineo Monitor helps achieve these goals, by constantly testing services, keeping data owners up-to-date, and automating reporting to INSPIRE.

Doesn’t that sound like a logical partnership? We thought so too - after the 2016 edition of the INSPIRE conference, we worked together to build a joint offering to provide more value to our clients.

Directly publish services from INSPIRE GIS to Spatineo Monitoring and Catalogues

This offering focuses on monitoring spatial data services created by wetransform’s INSPIRE GIS platform and on integrating statistics into the platform, but also goes beyond that. Wetransform’s founder, Thorsten Reitz, explains: “In our industry, the big players have a strong partner network that enables them to work effectively and to reach large numbers of customers. We think that this is also possible when startups and SMEs collaborate.”

Spatineo and Wetransform started integrating their platforms this spring, and now have the first customers using the integration. Spatineo Monitor and Wetransform’s INSPIRE GIS platform strengthen each other and in the near future this teamwork will be bringing more sophisticated services to our clients.

As of today, the integration provides the following functionality:

  • Automated registration and updating of new services at the Spatineo Monitor
  • Optional automated publishing in the Spatineo Directory
  • Display of availability and performance data in INSPIRE GIS

Spatineo’s Managing Director Sampo Savolainen is excited about the cooperation: “Combining Spatineo Monitor's quality assurance with Wetransform's excellent INSPIRE GIS platform gives our customers a strong and reliable platform to build successful services that support the application ecosystems using the data."