INSPIRE Boost Bundle

INSPIRE Boost Bundle


The 2020 deadline for INSPIRE implementation is approaching. Many implementers are deciding on the toolset to aid them with this implementation. Currently, organizations are preparing Annexx II and II implementation, or are working hard to deliver INSPIRE Priority data sets.

To ensure your success with the implementation, we are offering critical capabilities to a successful implementation as a discounted bundle to help you reduce risks, cut costs and implement INSPIRE with maximum efficiency.
Give your INSPIRE implementation a boost with this special package:

Hale Connect Micro Organisation License

Metadata validation, publishing and viewing of services and data harmonization: These three processes form the cornerstones of the INSPIRE Implementation process. The complexity of each process along with the aplication breaks results in significant challenges for preserving data quality and full standard compliance. With hale connect, you can perform all of these tasks on an integrated platform. With the hale connect micro organisation license, you get:

  • Unlimited transformation projects, data models and themes
  • 3 Named User accounts
  • 500 capacity points, which allow you to publish approximately 20 WMS/WFS datasets of 100 MB volume each.

Public Cloud Hosting

hale connect is available in on premise, private cloud and public cloud hosting. Public cloud hosting is the most cost-effective way to host small to midscale amounts of services. Since your services are being hosted on a shared platform, the application management and maintenance will be handled. The cloud that your data will be hosted on complies with C5 Standards which offer the highest level of security, reliability and scalability.


We guarantee that the data sets we create as well as the service we provide are fully INSPIRE compliant. This means that services hosted on our platform meet the INSPIRE service quality requirements such as availability, throughput and response time. We also guarantee updates to any components of the system to meet updated INSPIRE specifications within six months of them being released.

Support from the INSPIRE experts

Our goal is to make INSPIRE work for you. For this purpose, we offer you our expertise stemming from more than 200 INSPIRE implementation projects. As part of this package, you get access to our support and can request specific support, e.g. for:

  • Set up of publishing and metadata configuration
  • Development of transformation projects
  • General training and workshops

The package includes 40 hours of support to allow you to reach your full potential as fast as possible, and reduce time taken on critical projects. This is enough to support you with implementing 2-3 INSPIRE themes, and will provide you with a strong foundation for future implementations.

If you’d like to try it out yourself before making a decision, you can sign up for a free trial here.

The bundle is priced at €8.000 per year.

The minimum contract duration is 12 months. All prices are without VAT; reverse charge may apply.

Contact us to learn more about what this offer can do for you and see how you can implement INSPIRE with ease.