hale»studio 4.0: Ready for the Future – and for XPlanung!

hale»studio 4.0: Ready for the Future - and for XPlanung!

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Our main objective for this release has been to modernize hale»studio from the ground up, by making it compliant with current OpenJDK versions, using the most recent eclipse RCP version, and by upgrading as many dependencies such as GeoTools as feasible. While we did not yet achieve full compliance with Java 11, we think that the current builds have accumulated so many updates that it is worth giving it to you as a new major release:

  • Major updates to the documentation and help
  • Reader and Writer for GeoPackage
  • A specific Writer for XPlanGML that supports partitioning by plan
  • Added presets for CEN/TS 17268 (TN-ITS), ISO 19139, XPlanGML 4.0/4.1/5.0/5.1/5.2/5.3beta and GeoInfoDok 6.0.1/7.0/7.1
  • Enhancements for GML Dictionary Codelist handling
  • Support for TLS 1.2
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements

The complete changelog is available here. To avoid any compatibility issues when using an existing workspace, we recommend starting with a fresh one when you install hale»studio 4.0. Furthermore, due to the GeoTools & JTS upgrade, the geometry bindings have changed. This breaks backwards compatibility of Groovy Scripts and Alignments created in 4.0. We will provide information on how you can manually backport your Groovy scripts if necessary.

If you are a user of the hale studio pro plugins, you need to upgrade these as well. Please reach out to the Servicedesk to get the new plug-ins.

If you would like to get some hale»studio training, check out our current webinar schedule.

Reader and Writer for GeoPackage

GeoPackage is the optimal, open format for delivering medium to large sized data sets to GIS users. It is a single file that can store tables, vector geometries and rasters. It is extensible and can deal with simple and more detailed data models well. There is even the option to add views and to store styles in a GeoPackage. It doesn't have issues such as 11 character attribute limits, unknown encodings, missing or incomplete projection files, and is very fast to access.

For these reasons, there have been several requests to add GeoPackage to the list of supported formats for hale studio. We have now added a Reader and a Writer. The Writer can create GeoPackages from scratch, including the schema and metadata. This means you can even use an XML schema and then write your data to a GeoPackage. However, the required model transformations to make this work in complex cases are planned for the next release.

This work was funded by the Umweltbundesamt Austria and Rijkswaterstaat Netherlands, and supported by the European Environmental Agency.

XPlanGML writer and presets

XPlanung is a standard for all kinds of spatial plans that is currently implemented by thousands of agencies all across Germany. To make the work with XPlanGML in hale studio easier, we have added two features - Schema Presets for all releveant XPlanGML versions, and a writer that creates XPlanAuszug files without requiring manual configuration. This writer furthermore supports writing the data to one file per plan object - so you will get a file that has, for example the BP_Plan, the BP_Bereich and all directly or indirectly referenced objects.

hale studio with new schema presets

This work was supported by the XLeitstelle.

Download hale»studio

Download the latest version and send us your feedback:

Thanks to our customers for funding this work on the 27th release of hale studio!

Make it hot: hale»studio pro

Learn how the hale»studio pro packages can help you to

  • benefit from our INSPIRE knowledge transfer
  • validate data against the INSPIRE / ETF
  • connect with enterprise databases
  • and join in on the hale»studio community milestone meetings (e.g. on July 2nd, 2020 at 15:30 CEST).