hale»studio 3.4.1 Bug-Fix Release

hale»studio 3.4.1 Bug-Fix Release

Release Notes hale»connect hale»studio INSPIRE Product Update

Tradition would have it that we release a version of hale»studio right in time of the INSPIRE conference. The new release 3.4.1 is a bug fix release that addresses frequently-reported issues such as:

  • Fixed problem with GeoServer App-Schema export configuration dialog on Windows
  • Updated cached GML XSD to version 3.2.2
  • Loading an Excel lookup table multiple times no longer causes an error
  • Fixed file name problem when partitioning by feature type in a GML export
  • Fixed problem that prevented partitioning by feature type when transforming external data or with CLI
  • Fixed project validation issue for arrays of numbers

The whole list is available in the changelog.

Download the latest version and send us your feedback:

A 3.5.0 release is also on its way, which brings some changes to the underlying platform as well as a long list of new features.

Thanks to our customers for funding this work on the 25th release of hale studio!