hale»studio 3.2.0 interpolates arcs and simplifies work with references

hale»studio 3.2.0 interpolates arcs and simplifies work with references

Release Notes hale»studio Product Update

Our team working on hale»studio has increased in size, and so we can now already deliver the next hale»studio release to you. We plan to release four new versions of hale studio per year - if you'd like to know what the next releases will bring, check out the roadmap on Github!

In this release, we focused on smaller improvements to make some existing features really work:

  • Added support for several Arc-based GML geometry types to be interpolated when read: Arc, ArcString, Circle, CircleByCenterPoint. The interpolation is based on two algorithms that can be selected on import.
  • New transformation function Assign collected values allows the assignment of all values collected by a Groovy transformation function: The new function automatically converts collected values to references if the target property takes references.
  • Added a Project Validator: Checks if instances (features) are valid during live transformation using project-wide validator configuration (e.g. rules or schemas).
  • Improved Alignment layout: Better usage of available space in Alignment and Mapping views.
  • Content assist for project variables: In transformation function wizards such as Formatted String, Regex Analysis and Assign, you can now get auto-fill help to insert project variables.
  • Request pagination for WFS requests: You can now choose what size requests to WFS sources should have.
  • Faster alignment documentation: The HTML alignment documentation is displayed much faster for large mappings due to lazy loading and rendering.
  • Scalable Merge: The Merge function now uses an iterative approach for merging instances which allows for processing more data in a Merge.
  • Scalable CSV file loading: When loading data from CSV files the data is now streamed (similar to XML data sources) and not loaded at once into memory.

hale»studio 3.1.0 Load from MS SQL Server Database

We've also fixed several bugs and added smaller improvements. The whole list is available in the changelog.

Get the latest version, and let us know what you think of it!

Interpolation of Arc Geometries on Import

Until now, hale didn't support geometries with non-linear interpolation between points, such as arcs. We now added a robust interpolation method that processes Arcs, ArcStrings, Circles, CircleByCenterPoints and creates regular LineStrings and Polygons.

arcs added

Thanks to the Landesamt für Vermessung und Geobasisinformation Rheinland-Pfalz for funding this work.

Multiple Validators

hale studio's feature to validate exported XML and GML files has been extended. It is now possible to configure multiple validators. Furthermore, a new type of validator, the Project validator has been added which allows validation of the export result based on rules and schemas (e.g. Schematron schemas) imported into the project.

configure multiple validators

As soon as the official INSPIRE validator is available, we will also integrate that.

WFS request pagination support

When loading from WFS sources, hale studio now supports request pagination, a capability that was officially introduced with the WFS 2.0 standard. Some implementations such as Geoserver provided support for this before, so you can use this feature with most WFSes. Request pagination allows loading larger datasets from a WFS where previously this may have been limited by a server-side limit of retrievable features per request.

request pagination

We will add a more detailed post on this feature within the next weeks!

Better UI support for project variables

The use of project variables, a feature that was introduced with hale studio 3.0, is now easier as several wizards in hale studio have been extended to provide content assistance. Simply press Ctrl+Space when inside a text field and choose the desired variable from a list. The content assistant will take care of the correct syntax.

Content assistance