hale»connect Release Notes: September 2022

hale»connect Release Notes: September 2022

Release Notes hale»connect Product Update

This is what's new in hale»connect in September 2022!

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New Features

  • Scale factor is added to the map preview. The scale of the map extent can be viewed in the bottom right corner of the application, next to the scale bar.
  • The simple GetFeatureInfo pop-up dialog is replaced by the complex response displayed directly in a sidebar. The sidebar can be viewed by clicking on a feature in the map preview.
  • Project variables in transformation projects published online now have tool tips enabled on hover.
  • Languages available in the hale connect UI are now configurable for hale connect deployments.
  • Layer sharing is enhanced with URL id hashing to support sharing URLs with large numbers of layers.


  • Time reported in maintenance scheduling dialog is now correct.
  • Missing attachments no longer cause online transformation configurations to fail.
  • Missing language translations in the hale connect UI are fixed.
  • Fix for attachments displaying as invalid.
  • Fix for transformation failure due to bucket failure..

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