hale»connect Release Notes: November 2022

hale»connect Release Notes: November 2022

Release Notes hale»connect Product Update

This is what's new in our latest build of hale»connect:

New Features

  • hale»connect Atom Feeds now declare the dataset metadata language as the language in the Atom Feed.
  • hale»connect Atom Feed OpenSearch description now adheres to the Geoportal schema.
  • hale»connect supports the use of gmx:anchor encoding for gco:CharacterString elements that exist in hale»connect generated metadata. Markdown style notation can be used to specify a text value and URL. A gmx:Anchor encoded element can be generated using the pattern: [<text>](<link>)
  • JSON values can be added to string fields in the metadata editor.
  • Users can create .json.hsd schema definition files in hale»studio for use in hale»connect. The .json.hsd schemas can be used to validate shapefiles and Excel files against additional schema logic.
  • The number of sub-datasets contained in a dataset series is now shown on the series overview page.
  • A link to the parent series is added to each sub-dataset’s overview page.
  • The number of sub-datasets contained within the series is added to the series overview page.
  • Progress bars on hale»connect are re-designed. Running processes, scheduled processes, completed processes, and failed processes are all displayed in a series of new badges in a progress banner. The streamlined approach offers an easy-to-grasp overview of the different processes as they are running.
    hale»connect screenshot from November 2022
  • Identifying details are added to downloaded data set archives using the following pattern: {dataset-name}-{iso-timestamp}.zip
  • Support for publishing data in EPSG:2065 and EPSG:5514 is added.


  • Keywords that belong to the same controlled vocabulary are added to the same descriptive keywords metadata element.
  • Supported controlled vocabularies now use gmx:Anchor for the citation title and the values. Currently supported vocabularies include: INSPIRE theme, priority dataset keyword and spatial scope.
  • File analysis progress bar indicates correct validation result without delay during dataset upload.
  • GetFeature filter requests no longer fail when querying nested properties.
  • Continue despite validation error message no longer appears after the upload of valid data.
  • Lengthy dataset names display within the frame on the dataset overview page.
  • Dataset resource list no longer includes unexpected attributes when filtering.
  • Metadata status of series sub-datasets in the dataset resource list is displayed correctly
  • Column alignment is corrected in the dataset overview page status section.
  • Captcha resources are loaded only if Captcha is enabled.
  • Warning list of missing attachments displays as expected.
  • Fix to prevent file leaks is implemented.
  • Fix to prevent Shapefile coverage analysis causing high system

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