hale»connect Release Notes: August 2022

hale»connect Release Notes: August 2022

Release Notes hale»connect Product Update

This is what's new in hale»connect in August 2022!

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New Features

  • A print button is added to the map preview to enable users to generate a PDF or print the map preview extent.


  • A fix is implemented to enable the display of custom basemap URLs in the map preview when provided in organization profile settings.
  • The map preview now loads for services with no layers.
  • Capacity Points for an organization can now be capped by the platform-wide limit.
  • Schemas that cannot be loaded can now be deleted via the user interface.
  • A fix is implemented to enable the display of the extended feature for features with GML IDs containing a special character.
  • Profile management tools: Test step labels in a test suite are applied correctly when multiple ATS title annotations refer to a property with the same name in different types.

Changes for System Administrators

Support for hale»connect client on subpath in URL is added.
Previously, the hale»connect client was only directly accessible on the domain (e.g. https://hc.example.com). It is now possible to offer the client on a subpath (e.g. https://hc.example.com/ui), if you want to offer another website or application directly on the domain.

Enable Record Metadata Download Link for specific organizations only

The functionality to add a download link to dataset metadata was added in version 2022.3. Now it is possible to enable this functionality only for certain organizations.

In addition to the feature toggle ENABLE_METADATA_DOWNLOAD_LINK, which generally activates the functionality, ADD_METADATA_DOWNLOAD_LINK_ONLY_FOR_ENABLED_ORG must also be activated.

Admins can then enable the functionality for an organization.

Security note: If this feature is activated, a download endpoint for datasets will also be made publicly available, which does not require authentication. This applies to all records on the platform, regardless of whether the creation of the link is enabled for the specific organization

Report on Bebauungspläne in an organization (XPlanung- BP_Plan)

It is now possible to create a report on the XPlanung Bebauungspläne (BP_Plan objects) in an organization. This can be downloaded as JSON or CSV.

To do this, the feature toggle CUSTOM_REPORTS must be activated, and the new report must be activated explicitly:

      enabled: true

Users must have the application-wide right viewReports to access this function.

Deployment to Kubernetes

It is now generally supported to operate hale»connect in a separate Kubernetes cluster.

A Kubernetes cluster that you operate must meet at least the following requirements:

  • Kubernetes version 1.21 or higher
  • Kubernetes version up to 1.24
  • Support for Persistent Volume Claims with the "accessMode" ReadWriteMany
  • Installation of Argo Workflows including an artifact repository configured by default

Please contact us if you require any further information.