hale»connect Feature Alert: October 2019!

hale»connect Feature Alert: October 2019!

Release Notes hale»connect Product Update

Here's what's new in hale»connect this month:

New Resource List

The latest update to hale»connect features a new dataset resource list. Simply log-in to hale»connect and visit the Data tab to view the new resource list, which features improved search, sort and filtering tools like the Global/Organisation button, column sorting and badges. Resources now display with distinct hierarchical styling for root and child dataset rows.

The new status column provides an overview of the system status and validation state of a hale»connect resource. Click on any of the icons to navigate directly to the resource overview page, the metadata, the download services, or the view services. The status column includes progress spinners to indicate processes that are currently running.

The column widget at the top right enables users to configure the column layout of the resource list.

hale»connect 2019 screenshot

Organisation Added to User Listing

The organisations that a user belongs to have been added to the users section found in Settings. An ellipsis appears in the column for users who belong to more than one organisation. Hover over the ellipsis icon for a list of all of the user’s organisations.

Priority Dataset and Spatial Scope Keywords Added to Metadata Generation

hale»connect now enables users to tag their metadata with Priority dataset and Spatial Scope keywords from the INSPIRE Registry. New dataset creation on hale»connect allows users to select the keywords required in the metadata editor. Priority dataset keywords enable datasets to be searched in the INSPIRE Thematic Viewer and are mandatory for priority datasets.

Subscribe to the Events of an Organisation

Organisation profile pages now offer the option to subscribe to an organisation’s events. Subscription to the new toggle switch “Events” ensures that users receive email notification for failed automated workflows, such as online transformation configurations.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more changes! If you have any questions, feel free to write to us at info@wetransform.to.