hale»connect Release Notes: November 2021

hale»connect Release Notes: November 2021

Release Notes hale»connect Product Update

For Users

New Features

  • The map view layer widget can now handle large data set series, with the added capability to filter datasets for display.

Image of the hale connect map layer view widget

  • hale»connect now supports providing multiple autofill rules for fields with a cardinality greater than 1 in theme metadata configurations. Comma-separated autofill rules can be added within square brackets in autofill fields.
  • Multiple GML files can now be used as source data on hale»connect. Multi-file data sets that are tiled, or split by feature type, can be published on the platform. This new functionality is designed to support users who want to publish large data sets.
  • Large data sets can now be automatically split at upload using a configurable threshold defined in the theme. This functionality is helpful for users uploading large datasets directly on the hale»connect platform. Users can configure a threshold that can be used to control the number of feature instances included in each partitioned file.


  • All success confirmation messages have been aligned to use floating, green toast messages that disappear without user interaction.
  • All system error messages have been aligned to use red, banner alert style messages which include a link to inform an administrator, and which require the user to dismiss the message.
  • Support was added to enable platform-wide configuration of cloud transformation resources. Cloud transformation runs can now use a custom amount of resources on demand.


  • The password protection functionality of services has been improved. Activation and deactivation of password protection in the UI requires the republishing of services.
  • A fix was implemented to prevent the error message: “Transformation target data set could not be loaded” from occurring. The error was caused by a reference to a target bucket that was deleted in the past and still referenced in an older transformation result.
  • hale»connect WMS now supports the Croatian CRS EPSG: appears in the GetCapabilities document when configured in a theme.
  • The correct CI_OnLineFunctionCode codelist value was added in WMS metadata.
  • The correct codelist for gmd:CI_RoleCode was added in WMS metadata.
  • The correct CI_OnLineFunctionCode codelist value was added in dataset metadata.
  • WFS configuration for series did not include the configuration for disabled resources and led to delayed insertion times. The DisabledResources settings was activated for series.
  • A mapproxy issue causing black and white borders in WMS services was fixed.
  • The metadata editor now displays a defaultValue when a field in the metadata is set to use enumValues and editable is set to false.
  • When setting a default value in a theme’s metadata configuration, a page refresh is no longer needed to display the value in the dataset’s metadata.
  • Nginx and mapproxy now have an increased URL limit to enable requests for hundreds of WMS layers.
  • Capacity point calculation for sub-data sets of data set series was improved.
  • Schemas have been prevented from becoming invalid after editing schema types and attributes.
  • Theme datasets in worker threads were deserialized to prevent the workflow-manager from becoming unresponsive.
  • Added service publisher endpoints to regenerate nginx configuration.
  • The bucket-service no longer becomes unresponsive when requests to S3 fail.
  • XPlanung GML files are no longer altered when requesting the data with GetFeature requests. The replacement of codes by definitions has been fixed.
  • A fix was implemented to enable the deletion of dataset series.
  • The ManageStoredQueries constraint was set to FALSE in WFS GetCapabilities to reflect the correct status of our services and to prevent errors in the WFS Conformance Class in the INSPIRE validator.
  • When adding an additional value to a metadata field with an array in the metadata configuration, the array is no longer filled as the added value. The value itself appears.

For Administrators


  • Endpoints in the service publisher were changed to require a token with access to the respective dataset or alternatively a bsp user/admin via basic authentication.