hale»connect Product Update, June 2023

hale»connect Product Update, June 2023

Release Notes hale»connect Product Update

Welcome to the update blog for hale»connect!

Here, you'll find out what our team has been working on.

New Features

  • You can now add external WMS services in the map view. This functionality enables users to arrange the order of layers in the layer list to configure the display of layers in the map preview

external WMS in haleconnect map view

  • You can now select a renderer to control the formatting of values displayed in the Feature Explorer. Users have the option to select one of the following renderers:
  1. Default (no renderer)
  2. Formatted number (enter a number format, e.g. ###.##)
  3. Formatted Date (choose a date format option)
  4. Codelist Labels (substitute coded values can be provided in lookup table)
    -- semicolon separated CSV or valid JSON values can be provided
    -- the first column must contain values found in the data and the second column must contain the display values
  • We’ve introduced codelist labels – you can now substitute coded values through labels provided through a lookup table, as shown below

haleconnect codelist labels

  • We’ve implemented the TG Recommendation C.11: metadata/2.0/rec/common/use-anchors-forspecifications for dataset metadata and service metadata. The gmd:title/gmx:Anchor element can be used to encode references to well-known INSPIRE legal acts. The xlink:href attribute of the gmx:Anchor element can be used to refer to the URI of the specification
  • The coordinates in ATOM feed download files in EPSG:2180 now adhere to the order specified in EPSG registry


  • Fix to display accurate number of discussions in discussion badge shown on discussion sections is implemented
  • Validation toggle on a theme can be deactivated
  • "Keep synchronized with data source" and "Synchronize now" toggles are re-enabled on hale»connect
  • Deactivation of the "Show metadata editor on data set creation" toggle removes the metadata related step from the dataset creation workflow
  • Metadata only workflow is improved further to display only those sections relevant to metadata-only publications
  • External metadata that is linked to a resource is no longer added to the hale»connect CSW