Spatialite and INSPIRE 4.0: HALE 2.9.3 released

Spatialite and INSPIRE 4.0: HALE 2.9.3 released

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In the past weeks, we’ve received feedback from multiple users, projects and workshops where HALE is used, including a substantial code contribution. We’ve collected the feedback and just released the final 2.9.3 build. What’s new?

Support for SQLite and SpatiaLite

You can now work with SQLite and SpatiaLite files using HALE. We even support 2D and 3D geometries. This was made possible by a contribution from GeoSolutions S.R.L, Italy. Special thanks to Stefano Costa and Sandro Salari!

Improved Styling for the Map view

Create individual styles for your feature types with just one click. Using specific styles provides a better overview in the map. To easily identify associated types, the type symbol reflects the style. As an additional option, you can quickly assign a random color to a selected type. For more control specify a custom style with the style editor.

Included INSPIRE version 4.0 schemas

Experienced HALE users know they can load any GML/XML Schema using the corresponding XSD file. However, it’s more convenient to just search and select a schema from the presets defined in HALE. INSPIRE version 4.0 schemas now included.

Performance improvements and bug fixes

A couple of users reported performance issues since release 2.9.0, and we’ve now received reproduction cases and were able to identify the culprits. Other issues fixed:

  • Fixed wrong detection of GML namespace that could happen if certain GML 3.3 schemas were imported in a schema (Thanks to Fabio Vinci for the bug report).
  • Fixed error on XML export that could lead to an invalid file (Thanks to Giuseppe Procino for the bug report).
  • Fixed parsing GML geometries defined through a Ring instead of a LinearRing.
  • Show 3D WKT (instead of 2D WKT) for 3D geometries in the data views.
  • Fixed error that could lead to a Merge relation no longer being editable after a schema upgrade.
  • Variable values for Groovy scripts are no longer converted and passed as a String by default.
  • Fixed deadlock that could occur when disabling the Groovy restriction when a project is loaded.
  • Fixed saving a project as a project archive if resources include a query string (e.g. WFS requests).

Get HALE 2.9.3

To get HALE 2.9.3, go to the downloads page and enjoy your work with it!

Please use the board to tell us what you think of this new release; don’t hesitate to tell us about problems you’re encountering and features you’re missing.