hale»connect is the most efficient way to publish spatial and environmental data sets in accordance with standards such as INSPIRE, XPlanung, and CityGML.

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hale»connect always includes:

  • 100% compliance with INSPIRE requirements for interoperable data and metadata
  • INSPIRE Capacity and Quality of Service requirements
  • Hosting and operation of services, including fulfilment of INSPIRE SLA
  • Compliance to ISO 27001/BSI Grundschutz, with hosting in Germany
  • Support via web portal and email
  • Software updates and maintenance

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Existing clients

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Pricing Scenarios

wetransform is a solution-focused company. Our pricing and deployment models can adapt to our clients’ needs and we are happy to provide comprehensive solutions to complex issues. hale»connect clients include:

1. Individual data providers

With hale»connect, these can:

  • be up and running within 1 hour
  • get INSPIRE-as-a-Service, including IT infrastructure and operations
  • always remain compliant with the latest INSPIRE requirements
  • be guaranteed to put in the least amount of effort and incur the lowest costs

Typical deployment: Public cloud

2. GIS & Planning service providers

With hale»connect, these can:

  • offer their clients an end-to-end data management process
  • keep clients compliant to the latest INSPIRE and XPlanung requirements
  • acquire all the know-how needed to act as an expert consultant
  • pay only what for what they actually use, so they can be profitable starting from the very first client

Typical deployment: Public cloud, private cloud

3. Large data providers and IT data centres

With hale»connect, these can:

  • implement comprehensive solutions in weeks and without development risks
  • receive tailored functionality beyond the standard scope
  • reduce complexity and automate all steps of the data management process
  • can choose among different levels of IT operations and application management support

Typical deployment: On-premise, private cloud, hybrid cloud, GAIA-X

4. Universities and research institutes

With hale»connect, these can:

  • securely acquire and compile data from project partners and make them accessible to all researchers
  • easily design and share conceptual models
  • manage data quality and coverage
  • provide many different data formats and models data to tools and applications

Typical deployment: On-premise, public cloud

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