hale»connect Release Notes: April 2022

hale»connect Release Notes: April 2022

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For Users

New Features

  • hale»connect now supports the upload and schema validation of GeoPackages. Users can export GeoPackage schemas as json.hsd files from hale»studio for use in hale»connect. The functionality enables END (Environmental Noise Directive) implementors to validate END-conformant GeoPackages on hale»connect.
  • GeoPackage publishing support is now a part of hale»connect. Users can publish GeoPackages as datasets and automatically generate associated view and download services, and metadata.
  • GeoPackage is now available as a download format in ATOM feed. Independent of the dataset’s file type, hale»connect users can now add GeoPackage downloads to their atom feeds.
  • GeoPackage is now available as a transformation target in online transformation projects. Users working with GeoPackage as the target schema in hale»studio transformation projects can now use those projects in online transformation configurations on hale»connect. Transformation projects require a custom data export configuration with GeoPackage selected as export format. hale»connect first searches for custom export configurations named hale-connect and applies the export configuration if found. Next, hale»connect searches for custom export configurations named default. Otherwise, hale»connect will use the default configuration which exports to GML FeatureCollection.
  • hale»connect now supports 3D data publishing. Users can publish data with three coordinates and create OGC WFS services.


  • Implemented a fix to raise exceptions rather than returning images from deegree when an error happens during rendering.
  • Overviews are now created as intended for raster files used for publishing.